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Karate is a Japanese Martial Art spanning hundreds of years and various styles. There are two competitive aspects of karate; Kumite – hand to hand combat, and Kata – a routine comprising of various movements and techniques designed to fight or defend against multiple opponents. Millions of people around the world practise karate, if not for competition, to improve fitness levels, knowledge of self-defence, build self confidence and to improve mental health. The British Army Karate Team is very successful on both the military and civilian circuit. There are no less than 5 former and current World and European champions. The team is split into two tiers –  Dan (black belt) and Kyu (coloured belt). We train and compete together throughout the year across Britain and Europe

Individual Association members practising martial arts in civilian clubs are required to be affiliated to the national governing body of their respective disciplines. The rules for competition, for insurance and medical requirements of these governing bodies are adopted by the Association and are used as standards from which Army Martial Arts Association events are organised. The respective governing body for Karate is World Karate Federation (WKF)

If you are interested in being part of one of the most successful teams that the Army has ever had, please get in touch with Maj Ronnie Harley on the contact details below.

Contact Details

Army Karate Lead - Maj Ronnie Harley Mil: 94731 8488 Email Discipline Lead

Karate Events and News

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