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The Army Martial Arts Association supports Regular and Reserve martial arts practitioners within the Army across the recognised martial art disciplines. It provides opportunities to compete at both Army and UK Armed Forces level and encourages our elite athletes to gain success at National and International levels. We also actively encourage participation at grass roots level and provide opportunities for all personnel to take part.

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As the President of the Army Martial Arts Association (AMAA), it gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the AMAA website.   Over the last 24 months this Association has proven to be both resilient and adaptable in the face of the most extraordinary complex challenges.  The stability of our organisation is founded on the generosity, personal commitment and professionalism of those people giving their valuable time to administer and run the events to such a high standard.   As such, our recognised martial arts disciplines have gone from strength to strength over the last few years, and I am very confident that we can build a programme that you will all be excited and proud to be a part of.  Everyone has a part to play in turning this vision into a reality.  The Committee, the players, coaches, referees, and supporters continue to invest their valuable time to ensure that we can achieve the ambitious goals for ensuring success in competition and encouraging participation from the next generation.  Look after each other, invest in your families and strive for greatness in all that you do both on and off the mat.

Major General Eldon NS Millar MBE

President of Army Martial Arts Association

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  • President – Maj General Eldon Millar MBE
  • Chair – Lt Col Mark Field
  • Vice Chair – Maj Karen Owen
  • Operations Manager – Lt Col Dave Campey MBE
  • Asst Operations Manager – Mrs Belynda Perkins
  • BJJ – Capt Gerry Coghlan
  • Karate – Maj Ronnie Harley
  • Kendo – Maj Mat Frost
  • ITF Taekwondo – Maj Stuart Wordingham
  • WT Taekwondo – Maj Stephen Gibson
  • Weapons Forms – Sgt Bradley Johnson
  • Reserves Representative – Maj Tom Ludlow
  • Sponsorship Representative – Sgt Samuel Hall